Aaron Jenkin

Creative Director Portfolio

Professional Summary: CEO and Creative Director of a small creative services company in Tokyo, Japan. With 15+ years experience working in indie, startup, and corporate environments, I have collaborated on film, music video, video game, comic, app, and crowdfunding projects. I am highly skilled in concept & project development, script writing, video editing, sound design, and directing artists. I have a passion for narrative storytelling and am seeking a creative position with a larger company in the TV/film, video game, or board game space.

Tools: I am proficient at Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Final Draft, Fade In, Celtx, Jira, Miro, Trello, Google Workspace, and Slack. Recently, I became interested in Linux and open source, so I built my first Linux workstation and have been working with Krita, Inkspace, Darktable, and Manuskript. I am also studying DaVinci Resolve, Maya, Shotgrid, & Unreal Engine in my free time to expand my knowledge base, and am looking at taking some Maya or Houdini courses to understand the VFX pipeline.

Art Direction

Fantasy Games

For these fantasy video game projects, I developed storylines and characters, crafted briefs, and hired & directed Japanese artists to draw and color characters. I also worked with Asian & Eurasian artists on card tables, cards, and backgrounds.


Sci-Fi Games

For these sci-fi video game projects, I developed storylines and characters, crafted briefs, and hired Japanese artists to design the characters. I also hired various Asian artists to draw and color characters, backgrounds, ships, and physical goods.


Videos & Animation

Video Game Trailer

Pioneer 2140CC

This is a video game trailer for a crowdfunding project that I produced and directed. I wrote the script, crafted art briefs, hired artists to create the assets, designed & animated the logo, edited the video, hired a voice artist, and did the sound design.

Music Video

Bo-Peep: Power

I produced, directed, and edited this music video for Bo-Peep, legendary three-piece indie band from Fukuoka, Japan. I developed the concept, wrote the script, built the sets, shot the live-action footage, created the stock motion & SFX, and did the editing.

Music Video

The Watanabes – 20 Percent Chance

I wrote, directed, and edited this documentary-style music video for The Watanabes, a British indie pop rock band based in Tokyo, Japan.

Short Film

Manipulating Life

This is a short film that I directed and edited. It tells the story of a distraught scientist who’s lab creation could win him a Nobel Prize or destroy the world. The film premiered at the deadCenter film festival in Oklahoma City and won praise from local media.


Avast Secure Browser

I created this video series for Avast Secure Browser, a privacy & security focused browser that I also helped invent. I brainstormed and pitched the concept, wrote the script, drew storyboards, created art assets, built the scenes, hired and directed an animator and voice artists, edited the videos, and did the sound design. In the end, I completed nearly 200 videos with voice overs and/or subtitles in over 20 languages.


Avast Secure Browser

This was a big budget commercial that I rescued from failing by taking the lead. I proposed a new direction for the animation portion of the video, won management’s approval, then went to work. I revised the script, drew storyboards, created art assets, built the scenes, and hired & directed an animator. I also did some of the animation work myself, saving time & money for Avast.

Creative Writing

Video Game Demo

Pioneer 2140CC

I created this video game demo for a crowdfunding project that I also produced and directed. It’s a sci-fi visual novel based on the book Pioneer written in 1983 by author and space historian Robert Zimmerman. I wrote the script, crafted briefs, and hired artists to create the assets. I also did all the programming and sound design. The crowdfunding attempt failed, but we are currently reworking the game design doc, and creating a pitch deck for investors. Never say die!


Children’s Novel

Alex & Sara Ranger in The Dino Dome of Doom

In my free time, I am writing my first book, a children’s novel aimed at ages 10-12. I took a Master Class in writing with Goosebumps’ author R.L. Stine. I have completed a first draft, over 300 pages long, and am now working on a second draft. Here is a sample of page 1.


++++There I was, deep in the jungle, running for my life. I hopped over a giant root and slid down a wet rock.

++++As I slammed through a patch of ferns, something gooey exploded across my face. I wiped my eyes and realized, I was covered in… centipedes!

++++In my hair! Down my shirt! In my mouth—PWAH! I spit one out. They were crawling all over my body and tickling me with their prickly little legs. I had to get them off and fast. Before they bit me with their poisonous claws!

++++I tried to yank my shirt off, up over my head as I ran. But suddenly I tripped and tumbled head over heels down a hill.

++++I hit the bottom with a “splash”, landing in a swamp. ‘Well I guess that takes care of the ‘pedes!’ I thought as I watched the little critters float away.

++++My heart was pounding. My legs were burning. And the water was rippling each time the giant beast took a step. I had to hide and quick!

Thank you for taking the time to check my work samples. I hope we have a chance to talk, and look forward to hearing from you soon! ~Aaron