THE YEAR IS 2183...

And twenty-something-year-old Michael has spent his entire life in space... at least as far back as he can remember. He was raised from a young age by United Lunar rebels. They taught him how to survive, how to fight, and after years of bloodshed, he helped them win their independence.

After the war, Michael took a job on a small asteroid mining ship named Dream Watcher...

And now, having just completed his first four year mission to the Belt, the crew is heading home, down to Mars. As they fly over the vast slopes of the giant volcano Olympus Mons, they spot a strange glint below—a glint that's not natural and should'nt be there.

When they land, they discover something entirely unexpected and impossible... the body of a man who had disappeared on a distant asteroid almost half a century before. Sandford Addiono had been on one of the first manned missions to the asteroid belt when he and a partner vanished. Nothing was ever heard from them again.

But the riddle is magnified exponentially by what Addiono was carrying in his pack... a four-fingered robotic arm that looks like something straight out of a sci-fi horror flick, along with a recorder and a memo book detailing what Addiono had seen.

Here was a mystery that would rock humanity: first alien contact. And it's in that moment Michael decides, he's going to do whatever it takes to solve the mystery. Even if it takes him through hell.

Unfortunately, that's exactly where the journey is about to take him.