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Professional Summary: CEO of a small creative services company in Tokyo, Japan. With 15+ years experience working in indie, startup, and corporate environments, I have collaborated on film, music video, video game, comic, app, and crowdfunding projects. I am highly skilled in concept & project development, writing, video editing, sound design, directing artists, and customer-centric marketing. I have a passion for narrative storytelling and am seeking a creative position with a larger company in the entertainment industry.

Writing Tools: Final Draft, Fade In, Celtx, LibreOffice, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, mechanical keyboard, erasable pen & notepad.



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‘Banana mask.’ What do you picture when you hear those two words? I picture a banana cartoon character dressed as a bank robber with a mask and a gun—a banana gun. If I think more practically(?), maybe a mask with banana print, or a child wearing a decorated clinical mask. I absolutely love the way words spark the imagination and I look forward to working with you to write the right words to tell your story.” ~ Aaron