Pioneer 2140CC: Behind the Black is a visual novel style, sci-fi video game based on the 1983 novel "Pioneer" by famed book author, space historian, radio personality, and cave explorer Robert Zimmerman.

Strap in tight and hold on to your butts!...

The year is 2183 and Michael Addiono, a scrappy young space miner, is racing down to the Martian surface. He's cashed in his life savings on a hunch from his know-it-all sister Alice that the legendary Captain Maxwell Saunders is about to hijack a ship.

After gliding across the vast plains of Olympus Mons, Michael lands at Mangala Base and quickly catches up to the captain. But what he uncovers is beyond belief.

Captain Max has discovered and is hiding a four-fingered robotic arm that looks like something out of a sci-fi horror flick, along with a recorder and memo book detailing a series of shocking events.

It's in that moment, Michael decides he'll do anything to solve the mystery. Even if it takes him through hell and back. Which is exactly where the journey is about to take him.

—And take you, if you dare step into his shoes.